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Dead serious, are two screens really better than one?

Yep, I asked it.  Go ahead and read it again in case you are still in shock.  (Warning: rant to ensue.)


CC Photo Courtesy of Free Grunge Textures. The image has not been modified from its original version.

The second screen is sweeping the nation.  You can find hashtags everywhere, from on football fields to the bottom corner of the screen when watching your favorite TV shows.

Is the second screen really necessary?  Do you really need to be on Twitter and Facebook seeing what everyone else has to say every given second of something nowadays?

Can’t one simply miss a TV show because they have too many blogs to write and watch it the next day without it being ruined when they hop on social media to procrastinate?

Nope, sure can’t.  If you don’t want a spoiler then stay off social media forever and always.  I try to do all my followers a favor and tweet about completely irrelevant things when shows as The Walking Dead are on.  I mean come on, who wants to ruin zombies for other people?  Zombies are a sacred thing.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 7.19.53 PM

Yes, this is in fact me.

Twitter streams about new shows have not made me want to watch them, in fact they have ruined them because I already know what is going to happen.

On the other half eaten hand, social media and the second screen can be used for good.  This past summer I attended an annual conference for my sorority and during one of the presentations our speaker encouraged us to tweet.  She wanted us to engage in the conversation with her instead of sitting in the gymnasium halfway listening.

It was a very cool experience to see first hand what was hitting home with my sisters and it helped me to remember some great quotes to inspire me later on.

The second screen, can in fact be used for good, but it usually ends up in a lot of spoilers by fellow zombie fanatics.

P.S. check out these awesome zombie engagement photos, just because.


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